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It tasted like chlorine. When he removed the lid, he said, he noticed a blob of blue goo floating near the surface. He brushed it off initially, thinking someone had spit in the drink. It wasn't until an hour later that he dumped the rest of the soda out. At the bottom of the cup, he said, he found a square-shaped tablet that appeared to be a detergent pod. "The whole day my stomach is starting to be in a little bit of a knot," he recalled. "I was feeling a little bit nauseous and decided I needed to go get checked out." Graves said he underwent several tests and two rounds of blood work at UF Health Jacksonville, where physicians treated him for bleach and chlorine poisoning. A day later, he's still feeling nauseous. "They told me the risk of bleach and chlorine poisoning comes after the fact," he said. "It creates a chemical imbalance in your gut. If you ingest enough of it, it can kill all the good bacteria in your gut." While hospitalized, he posted several images of the tainted soda on Facebook Thursday, saying he had filed complaints with McDonald's, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the health department. The post went viral, piling up more than 5,000 shares by Friday afternoon. Graves suspects a drive-thru employee spiked his drink.

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Jacksonville Physicist

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